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    CEM curates exclusive live events and virtual meetings where issuers and investors have unique opportunities to connect one-on-one and build lasting relationships. On this episode of The Exchange Feed, Tanya Rowntree, VP & Global Head of Client Success at TMX Group, speaks with Neil Currie and Howard Fitch, Managing Partners & Co-Founders of CEM, to discuss the unique experiences attendees can expect, upcoming events across North America and why issuers should consider participating.

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    CEM clients, associates, and friends, please accept our best regards as we move through the second quarter of 2022. It has been an eventful Q1 and we are excited to be moving full steam ahead into full capacity live events!

    As usual we would like to thank all our issuer clients, investors and sponsors for supporting us and continuing to raise the caliber of each pillar of our business:

    1.     CEM Partner’s Fund: Through Q1 we have continued to evaluate and invest in select companies as we take advantage of our deal flow from our extensive capital markets network. Needless to say the returns seen through 2020 into 2021 have cooled with the overall small cap market but we are excited with the many opportunities we are involved in. CEM Partner’s Fund

    2.     CEM Events: With Omicron postponing our traditional January start, Whistler in February marked our first event of the year followed by the AlphaNorth event in March. Both events were sold out with 54+ plus issuers and investors, sponsors, and guests engaging in our patented weekends of one-on-one meetings and networking. For many it was the first time out to a live event since March 2020 and clearly all sides were grateful to once again meet face to face. CEM Events

    3.     CEM Virtuals: Our Virtual Series of Zoom one-on-one meetings were running at capacity through Q1, connecting our issuers with our global network of investors in a highly concentrated, effective format. As we move forward we are looking to raise our capacity to facilitate the demand for our constituents to Connect Capital with Opportunity. CEM Virtual

    4.     CEM Executive: We are excited in 2022 to have added a 4th pillar to CEM. CEM Executive, headed by Adam Currie and his 10+ years experience in the recruitment industry, CEM Executive is an adjunct that will allow us to take advantage of our extensive network within the capital markets and aid and assist companies to find the right personnel to move to the next level. CEM Executive

    5.     CEM Rewards: Our CEM Rewards Program is in full flight as we continue to award points to investors and issuers for various contributions to our business. We have just launched our online store for redemptions or cash purchases of CEM swag so feel free to check it out! CEM Rewards Store

    On a personnel note, along with the addition of Adam Currie to the team, we welcome Cody Bailey who will be moving into a role on the Virtual Team. We’d also like to thank Tim Robinson for his time spent with us and wish him well in his future endeavours.

    Our goal moving ahead is to continue to invest and support top tier companies, connect them with top quality investors, and find high performing executives within our community.

    For both issuers and investors we encourage you to review our slate of events and consider our Virtual Meeting Series. Please note our events sell out well in advance so don’t delay and Register promptly. All issuer and investor applications are reviewed closely to guarantee top quality attendees reflecting the high-calibre that CEM has become synonymous with over the years.

    From all of us at CEM, all the best for the time being and we will catch up with you next quarter!

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    CEM clients, associates, and friends, please accept our warmest wishes for the Holiday Season upcoming! It has been a while since we last updated everyone and hope all have had a good year despite the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID pandemic.

    During 2021 we rebranded ourselves from Capital Event Management to simply: CEM. This reflects that we are no longer just an event management business, but now have 3 dynamic pillars to our business:

    1. CEM Capital: For years our partner’s fund has acquired positions in promising companies that attend our events and/or are brought to our attention through our investor network. Under the stewardship of Ryan Iverson, our fund has thrived throughout 2021 as our small-cap investment portfolio has continued to outperform. Find out more about CEM Capital.
    2. CEM Events: We were fortunate to re-engage live events in mid-2021. Under strict COVID protocols we have been successful in getting back to live 1:1’s Whistler in July, Banff in August, Muskoka in September, Scottsdale in October, and Florida in November. Each event went off without a hitch and we look forward to a full calendar year of events in the new year: 2022 Schedule.
    3. CEM Virtuals: Initially brought on as a means to continue engaging our clientele while live events were paused, CEM Virtuals have proven they are now a core component of our business. Through hosting 30 minute 1:1 Zoom meetings between issuers and investors, we are able to connect our clients on an ongoing, efficient, and flexible manner. Engage anytime with issuers or investors with our ongoing Virtual Series.

    As we look ahead to 2022, we are excited to move forward on our live events (current Covid situation notwithstanding). Accordingly, please review our upcoming slate of events for 2022 and note they do sell out in advance on both sides. We encourage you to not delay and submit your application promptly. All applications are reviewed closely to guarantee top quality on both the issuer and investor sides reflecting the high-calibre that CEM has become synonymous with over the years.

    Our goal in 2022 is to continue to raise the bar on all 3 pillars of our business: our investments, our live events, and our onging virtual series. We hope to have you along for this incredible journey!

    From all of us at CEM, wishing you a Happy Holiday break and all the best for the New Year!

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    We’re excited to announce the return of our live event series starting in July, thanks to recent news regarding the safe re-opening of various cities across North America. 

    The past 16 months have been quite a journey for everyone. We’re thankful to have stayed connected through our virtual event series, hosting our investor and issuer communities along the way. For those not yet ready to travel, we’ll continue to host these virtual events to ensure no one misses out. 

    Check out our upcoming events to register and see if you qualify to join us at an upcoming live event, where you will have an opportunity to connect with leading industry professionals through 1:1 meetings and networking activities. 

    The path forward is full of opportunity and we look forward to hosting you in person again!
    Note: All registrations are subject to review and approval by CEM. All regional government health protocols will be strictly followed.

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    December 23, 2020

    Greetings CEM friends and Happy Holidays to all, we hope this finds you safe and well during these extraordinary times! 

    Needless to say this year has been a challenge for many as we have all had to adjust to the new normal, severely curtailing our travel and live interactions that were the cornerstones of relationship building in the pre-COVID era. As we have all had to adjust to the new realities of working remotely and utilizing Zoom and other apps to connect virtually, we’ve come to appreciate what was taken for granted previously and look forward to the days where we can again meet face to face to build our businesses.

    At CEM we have pivoted into the virtual arena, offering one on one Zoom calls between issuers and our vast network of investors active in small and micro-cap Canadian stocks. The next best thing to in person meeting, our virtual series offers the intimate one-on-one approach which allows for interaction and builds a base for ongoing dialogue and relationship building. Now we can tap into our investor network and create ongoing meetings beyond a once or twice a year live in person appearance. Our Virtual Meeting series is here to stay!

    On the live event front, we successfully hosted 2 smaller scale, 50 gathering maximum events in September in BC and Ontario. Both conferences went very well with no issues and showed that smaller scale events conducted under strict health protocols could operate under the current COVID environment.

    Going forward we have our 2021 schedule set and are optimistic we will be back to live events commencing with our annual Whistler Capital Conference Feb. 12-14 at the Chateau Whistler. As 2021 progresses and the vaccine rollout accelerates, we know we will be getting back to full field live events and continue to operate our virtual series, offering further opportunity to connect capital with opportunity!

    Our partners fund, CEM Capital, has been extremely active in the markets as well as we continue to review new opportunities and assist companies in reaching a retail audience. Thankfully for all of us involved in the Canadian junior markets, 2020 has proven to be a positive gain year for many stocks as the small cap sector has gained significant ground since the initial and dramatic post-covid crash in mid-March.

    Ryan Iverson, our Portfolio Manager and head of CEM Capital has been trading, monitoring, meeting, analyzing, and assessing opportunities across the board in all sectors. We will finish this off with some profiles of select companies we have been involved with this year, at live events, virtually, and in the markets, that have seen tremendous gains in 2020.

    As we leave you to enjoy the holiday break with (immediate family members only!), please accept from all of us at CEM holiday wishes and all the best for 2021! 

    Please see below group photo for 2020 issuer highlights. Note pic taken Dec 2019 and excludes Marcus van der Made 🙁

    These issuers and CEM clients from across all sectors in the Canadian junior markets had breakthrough years with milestone developments, discoveries, and growth rewarding early investors many times over. 2021 will undoubtedly feature many more success stories in the small cap market!

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    By Mariah McKnight, Market One Media

    The Whistler Capital Conference recently took place between February 12-14 at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. The event marked the 10th anniversary of this conference.

    Whistler was all about a weekend of one-on-one “speed dating” style meetings, networking, skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling to connect growth-stage companies in the resources, technology, biotech as well as special situations sectors with active top-level capital finance individuals.

    The three-day conference fosters the perfect environment for public and private companies with experienced capital market professionals to connect over targeted one-on-one meetings.

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    By Mariah McKnight, Market One Media, on BNN Bloomberg

    Capital Event Conference recently hosted the AlphaNorth Capital Investment Conference between January 17-19, 2020, at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar on the tropical coast in Nassau, Bahamas. Capital Event’s title sponsor, AlphaNorth, a Toronto-based investment manager, kicked off the first of seven Capital Event Conferences of the year.

    These conferences provide a platform for growth-stage companies in technology and biotech sectors as well as those in special situations to connect with active top-level capital finance individuals. By linking emerging issuers and private companies through a weekend of networking and direct one-on-one meetings, Capital Event aims to build lasting relationships and provide attendees with invaluable market and financing support.

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    CEM Reviews First Half of 2019

    August 26, 2019

    As summer draws to a close and with fall fast approaching, it is time to reflect back on the first half of the year at Capital Event. With the conclusion of the highly anticipated inaugural TSX Venture 50 Conference on July 11-13 in Kelowna, BC, we saw some of the TSX Venture’s top issuers come out to present their investment opportunities to a number of Canada’s top money managers. A big thanks to all who participated in this event and especially to the TMX Group for putting their trust in us to produce it on their behalf. Our media sponsor Market One Media Group Inc. has put together a highlight video of the event, you can check it out HERE.

     Also take a moment to view an interview with CEM’s co-founders Howard Fitch and Neil Currie HERE.

    As market doldrums continues with international instability, we’re starting to see a bright light in the commodity sector with a 13.3% increase in the first half of the year and gold flirting with $1,500 USD mark. We’re cautiously optimistic this might be the light at the end of a 7 year commodity bear market and we know this optimism is shared by our many resource clients. With this increased trend, we’ve seen clients like Great Bear Resources Ltd., up 77% and SilverCrest Metals Inc., up 64% since our Whistler event in February and Brixton Metals Corp. up 168% since our Scottsdale event in April.  

    We continue to see our issuers and investors benefit from participating in our events, as regular attendance ensures traction between both parties. At Capital Event we strive to keep a fresh mix of investors and issuers coming together with established clients and investors to reinforce existing relationships and build upon new ones. Each conference facilitates exposure to 40-50 emerging growth companies and finance professionals active in venture stocks, achieving over two days what would take a week to accomplish on a traditional “road trip”. 

    As our events are capped on size, it’s important to note they sell out in advance. With fall approaching, we would like to remind our clients that we have our Muskoka Capital Conference coming up September 27-29 at the majestic JW Marriott Resort on Lake Rosseau. This is good event for issuers who are looking to gain exposure in the eastern Canadian markets.  Shortly after, we will be in Eau Palm Beach Florida for our third year in a row introducing issuers to some of the top financial small cap experts from the eastern seaboard of the United States.

    Despite the overall downward trend in the junior markets, there were several companies that performed well in the first half of 2019, a few highlights below (based on start price at specific event to present):

    AlphaNorth Capital Conference in January

    Deveron UAS Corp (CA:DVR) up 93%, Avivagen Inc. (CA:VIV) up 68%, MediPharm Labs Corp. (CA:LABS) up 159%, Valens GroWorks Corp. (CA:VGW) up 56%, Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (CA:YNV) up 31%

    Whistler Capital Conference in February

    Dunnedin Ventures Inc. (CA:DVI) up 29%, Great Bear Resources Ltd. (CA: GBR) up 77%, Velocity Minerals Ltd. (CA:VLC) up 84%, WELL Health Technologies Corp. (CA:WELL) up 302%, Radisson Mining Resources Inc. (CA: RDS) up 85%, SilverCrest Metals Inc. (CA: SIL) up 64%

    Scottsdale Capital Conference in April

    Eastmain Resources Inc. (CA:ER) up 57%, Ely Gold Royalties Inc. (CA:ELY) up 84%, Integra Resources Corp. (CA:ITR) up 75%, Brixton Metals Corp. (CA: BBB) up 168%, Nighthawk Gold Corp. (CA: NHK) up 91%, Northern Vertex Mining Corp. (CA:NEE) up 62% who provided investors with a first-hand view of their mine in NW Arizona.

    TSX Venture 50 Capital Conference in July

    IMPACT Silver Corp. (CA:IPT) up 43%, Antibe Therapeutics Inc (CA: ATE) up 32%, Seven Aces Limited (CA:ACES) up 22%, Victoria Gold Corp. (CA:VIT) up 45%

    As we leave the first half of 2019 behind, we want to give a BIG THANKS to our many sponsors who took part in our 2019 events: The TMX Group, PI Financial Corp., Mackie Research Capital Corp., Manning Elliott LLP, Gravitas Securities Inc., MNP LLP, Winning Media LLC, AlphaNorth Asset Management, VRIFY Technology Inc., McMillan LLP, O&M Partners LLC, and our media sponsor, Market One Media Group Inc.

    In conclusion, we thank all of our issuers, investors, sponsors and guests, both new and returning, who contribute to the overall success of Capital Events. We continue to build our community and appreciate your collaboration, feedback and referrals to new issuers and investors that fulfill our goal of Connecting Capital with Opportunity!

    Capital Event Management

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    By Howard Fitch, Capital Event Management

    As 2018 draws to a close, it is time to reflect back on the year that was at Capital Event. With the conclusion of the Florida Capital Conference November 15-17, we wrapped our 53rd event since inception in December 2010. A big thanks to all of our supporters over the years without whom we would not be entering our 9th year in business!

    At this time of year of course we would like to extend warm holiday wishes to all with the hope that you are able to spend some quality time with family and friends. We hope you have the opportunity to recharge your batteries before gearing up for the New Year.

    As everyone in the capital markets is aware, 2018 was a challenging year in the Canadian small and micro-cap market. The bellwether TSX Venture Composite Index started the year by hitting a high of 939 then began an unrelenting downward move to current levels around 563. Despite this trend CEM hosted 7 events with over 280 issuers and investors participating in our one on one 2 day events.

    It is always easier if the tide is rising but experienced market participants recognize the cyclicality of interest and performance in the small and micro-cap sectors. We at Capital Event would like to think all of our participants are aware it takes a persistent and consistent approach through rising and falling markets to achieve success. By continuing to participate, to meet, establish and nurture new relationships in the financial markets on a consistent basis, our clients and investors will gain an edge over their peer groups. Take a moment to read our essay on the Importance of Relationship Building.

    Speaking of such, we are excitedly anticipating the upcoming 6th annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference, January 18-20 at our new location, the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar! The event will feature 50 companies active in many technology and healthcare sectors across the board and 50 + investors seeking and assessing opportunities in emerging growth situations. A special thanks in advance to title sponsor AlphaNorth Asset Management and Steve Palmer for inaugurating and continuing to stand behind our Bahamas event.

    2018 saw us adopt Cvent’s registration system and conference app. Both proved to be very effective and the app in particular is a hit as users now have full conference details and contact information for all participants at their fingertips. Particularly useful to schedule off track meetings at each event to maximize your use of time at the conference. We will continue to fine tune and encourage users to download and utilize the app in 2019.  Plan ahead for next year’s events by checking our conference calendar here.

    Despite the overall downward trend in the junior markets, there were several companies that performed well in 2018, a few highlights below (based on start price at specific event to Dec. 14 close):

    Great Bear Resources (GBR) up 312%, iAnthus Capital Holdings (IAN) 93%, Antibe Therapeutics (ATE) 29%, GreenPower Motor Company (GPV) 30%, Corvus Gold (KOR) 70%, Silvercrest Metals (SIL) 68%, Trilogy Metals(TMQ) 59%, Aztec Minerals (AZT) 23%, Rockcliff Metals (RCLF) 250%, Triumph Gold (TIG) 34%, Siyata Mobile (SIM) 28%, American Lithium (LI) 25%, Japan Gold (JG) 54%, Sun Metals (SUNM) 44%, Valens GroWorks (VGW) 46%, Ely Gold (ELY) 33%

    As we leave 2018 behind, a shout out to our many sponsors who took part in our 2018 events: The CSE, Manning Elliott, MNP, Winning Media, BWZ, AlphaNorth, O/M Partners, and the Yukon Mining Alliance.

    In conclusion, we thank all of our issuers, investors, sponsors and guests, both new and returning, who contribute to the overall success of Capital Event. We continue to build our community and appreciate your collaboration, feedback and referrals to new issuers and investors that fulfill our goal of connecting capital with opportunity!

    Best regards,

    Howard Fitch, Neil Currie, Matt Fleming and the Capital Event Team

    2019 Capital Event Schedule:

    Bahamas                  Jan. 18-20
    Whistler                    Feb. 8-10
    Scottsdale                Apr. 26-28
    Montreal                   June 7-9
    Okanagan                 Jul. 11-13
    Muskoka                   Sep. 27-29
    Florida                       Nov. 21-23

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    Connecting Capital With Opportunity

    By Neil Currie, Capital Event Management

    So far, 2018 has brought a significant correction to the Canadian small and micro-cap space. However, we at Capital Event are still seeing many exciting investment opportunities taking part in our conferences this year. In our first 5 events of 2018, Medical Marijuana has continued to be the industry that has garnered the most investment interest. For a long time, it seemed like the legalization of marijuana for recreational use was never going to happen in Canada, but our government has come through and we have seen some tremendous successes in this space across the board. This has given our investors many ground level opportunities to get involved in the space over the past few years attending our events. As for the other sectors: resource, tech, bio, etcetera, it is highly important that issuers continue to beat the drum in these competitive spaces and get in front of qualified investors. We at Capital Event continue to strive to bring out the best of the best of small and micro-cap investors to get our issuers the support they need.

    Our event schedule is strongly weighted in the first half of each year: we started with the AlphaNorth Capital Conference in the Bahamas Jan 12-14, the Whistler Capital Conference Feb 9-11, the Scottsdale Capital Conference April 20-22, the Montreal F1 Capital Conference June 8-10, and most recently the Okanagan Capital Conference in Kelowna July 12-14. We have 2 events left on the schedule for 2018 and we are optimistic that along with these events, the market will generate more positive returns like we’ve seen in recent years. Look to join us in Muskoka September 28-30 at the stunning J.W. Marriott The Rosseau Resort and Spa and then Florida at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa November 15-17. Our events sell out in advance, so please ensure you have signed up if you wish to participate.

    We would like to highlight some of the most successful % gains we have seen at the events this year.

    • Alpha North Capital Conference brought out iAnthus Capital Holdings CA:IAN performing +125% as well as Green Power Motor Company CA:GPV performing +118%
    • Whistler Capital Conference hosted Corvus Gold CA:KOR performing + 73% as well as Northern Empire Resources which was just purchased at a premium to market by Coeur Mining for 118MM CDN!!
    • At the Scottsdale Capital Conference, we hosted Trilogy Metals CA:TMQ who has seen a stunning +61% return since the event in March
    • Montreal Capital Conference being not much more than a month ago has already shown returns in Siyata Mobile CA:SIM +30% and American Lithium Corp +31%
    • The Okanagan Capital Conference hosted 36 issuers just a few weeks ago, and we are very excited to look back at the end of the year and highlight our top performers

    You can follow each issuer’s performance after each CEM event thanks to our Stockpools.com Performance Tracker:

    [mk_button dimension=”three” size=”medium”  bg_color=”#c7c422″ text_color=”light” url=”https://capitalevent.ca/company-performance-tracker/” target=”_self”  id=”Buton ID” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”15″]VIEW PERFORMANCE TRACKER[/mk_button]

    We have seen tremendous success with our media partner Market One Media Group. We feel our video interviews provide that extra touch in value to our events and we really encourage all who partake to share their videos with existing shareholders and new investors. Visit our video gallery to see for yourself:

    [mk_button dimension=”three” size=”medium” outline_skin=”dark” bg_color=”#c7c422″ text_color=”light” url=”https://capitalevent.ca/video-galleries/” target=”_self” id=”Buton ID” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”15″]VIDEO GALLERY[/mk_button]

    Our conferences are ultimately about building relationships. Establishing, creating and maintaining relationships in the investment industry specific to our small/microcap markets is critical in raising awareness and moving your company to the forefront of investor’s minds. Take a moment to check out our essay on the importance of relationship building in our business:

    [mk_button dimension=”three” size=”medium” outline_skin=”dark” bg_color=”#c7c422″ text_color=”light”  url=”https://capitalevent.ca/newsletter/the-importance-of-building-relationships/” target=”_self”  id=”Buton ID” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”15″]THE IMPORTANCE OF BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS[/mk_button]

    It is our mission to continue bringing out high quality investors and issuers to each event we host. Capital Event Conferences have proven to bring out the who’s who in the small/microcap space and the only way we can continue to do that is with the help from our attendees. We have many incentive programs to make sure you truly know how much we appreciate a good investor and or issuer recommendation, please reach out to us at any time if you think you know someone that would be a good fit for these events.Congratulations to our recent survey draw winners from the recently transpired Okangan Capital Conference, Claude Lemasson from Eastmain Resources Inc. and Harrison Keenan from Echelon Wealth Partners, who have been awarded an extra night stay at the next conference of their choice!

    Thanks again to our sponsors this year, Manning Elliott LLP, MNP LLP, Market One Media Group, Financial Buzz, O/M Partners LLP and of course the CSE.

    Last but not least – always remember to “Follow Up” and keep building on the relationships you have entered into over the years – we look forward to hosting you again soon!

    Best Regards

    Neil Currie, Howard Fitch, Matt Fleming and the Capital Event Team

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    As one of thousands of public issuers vying for investor attention it is important that you take steps and have a strategy to rise above the crowd and get your company noticed. Finance professionals and the investment community in general are bombarded daily by companies seeking to raise capital and/or garner after-market support to increase liquidity in their market. How can you stand out and effectively deliver your message to key contacts that can make a difference in your market?

    One tried and true strategy that has been around since the beginning of time and is the cornerstone of all successful enterprises is simple: build relationships! Get out there and meet face to face key contacts in the investment community that can impact your company. Investment advisors, portfolio managers, fund managers, high net worth investors – they are all out there and likely unaware of your business and company unless you make the effort to connect with them.

    This requires constant and ongoing effort, as relationships need to be first initialized then nurtured before bearing fruit. Relationships in business is your social capital, absolutely vital for you and your enterprises to grow. Each contact made and developed comes with their own network of relationships that can impact your business. Devoting time and energy to meeting, developing and maintaining relationships is vital to your ongoing success.

    At Capital Event Management, our belief is that your success will come with a constant effort to expand your base of capital market contacts. Our unique conference format is all about building relationships, as we introduce issuers and investors to one another over an intense weekend of networking and one on one meetings. After meeting and interacting with a few dozen qualified individuals, you will come away with the seeds of several new, meaningful relationships. Follow up and maintain contact and you will be continuing to be build your social capital, and by extension your business.

    Howard Fitch, Neil Currie, Matt Fleming and the Capital Event Team


    Copyright © *2017 Howard Fitch *Capital Event Management Ltd.*, All rights reserved

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    Capital Event Reviews [mk_highlight text=”2017″ text_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#c7c422″ font_family=”none”]

    Connecting capital with opportunity

    2017 was a pivotal year in the Canadian small cap space, and we saw tremendous success all across the board, whether it was the new wave of Blockchain, the highly-anticipated MMJ space, or even resources like Cobalt, Lithium, Copper and Gold!  Everyone that came out to our Capital Events found significant value with our simple, yet highly affective relationship building platform.

    So far 2018 has brought a healthy correction in the market, and we look forward to a continued upward trend based on the value 2017 brought investors.

    We have seen tremendous success with our media partner Market One Media in the latter half of 2017. We feel our video interviews provide that extra touch in value to our events and we really encourage all who partake to share their videos with existing shareholders and new investors. (https://capitalevent.ca/video-gallery-alphanorth/)

    Capital Event launched this letter this time last year and reviewed all quarters for our participants in 2017 to highlight some of the incredible companies that attend our events. We will continue to update you each quarter moving forward. CEM’s sole Q4 event in 2017 was the November Florida Capital Conference – held Oceanside at Eau Palm Beach in Manalapan, Florida. The show saw 36 issuers and a select group of small-cap US investors that mingle over a weekend of one-on-one meetings, golf, and more…

    Florida Capital Conference: November 16 – 18, 2017

    Patriot One Technologies (TSXV:PAT) saw voracious investor demand with the announcement of a $17.4 million bought deal that was increased to $22 million. This follows on the $11.5 million financing which closed in November, just prior to our conference. Not just investors notice this first-of-its-kind concealed weapons detection system, as the company also secured agreements with 13 large clients and distributors, with a backorder of 453 units committed for scheduled delivery in 2018.

    Altiplano Minerals (TSXV:APN) has been busy since November, just look at their stock chart. Watch for results from the rest of their bulk sample program. They also earned leeway as they closed their acquisition of Orogrande Project after renegotiation that released APN from exploration obligations.

    You can check each issuer’s performance since the Florida event by clicking on the Performance tracker below: https://www.stockpools.com/pools/capital-events-florida-capital-conference-2017/companies

    We take pride in producing 7 events each year. We would not be able to do it without the support of each issuer, finance attendee and of course sponsor. You know who you are and we would like to thank you all for contributing to our success here at CEM.

    Should you care to look back at any of our quarterly updates, we have provided the links for you or you can simply go to our website.

    Find Q1 here (https://capitalevent.ca/newsletter/2017-q1-in-review/),

    Q2 here (https://capitalevent.ca/capital-markets/2017-q2-in-review/),

    Q3 here (https://capitalevent.ca/capital-markets/2017-q3-in-review/)

    We are always looking to add new investors to our ever-growing platform. Please get in touch if you know of anyone on the investor side that we should be inviting – it is our mandate to continue to provide each client with new, quality meetings when they return to our events over the years.

    Always remember to “Follow Up” and keep building on the relationships you have entered into over the years.

    Best Regards,

    The whole team at Capital Event Management


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     2017  Q3 Review

    Connecting capital with opportunity

    By Caitlin Cheadle

    It’s been a busy Q3 for the team here at CEM. Firstly we held two shows: the Okanagan Capital Conference in July and the Muskoka Capital Conference in September – each event showcased a fresh crop of quality small- to mid-cap companies in the Tech, Biotech, Healthcare, Mining, Oil & Gas, Cannabis and Special Situations sectors.

    Q3 also saw the launch of our on-camera issuer interviews in partnership with Market One Media. During the Okanagan and Muskoka conferences I had the chance to sit down with company executives to discuss their story and ongoing developments – you can watch these interviews on our new Media Gallery.

    Blockchain was of course a hot topic throughout Q3 – we’ve certainly noticed a lot of interest in all things Blockchain-related from investors applying to attend our AlphaNorth Capital Conference taking place January 12 – 14 in the Bahamas, in partnership with AlphaNorth Asset Management. This is our largest show of the year and will feature 50 issuers with a focus on the Tech, Biotech, Healthcare and Special Situations sectors. If you’re an investor and you’d like to apply to attend, you can contact me at caitlin@capitalevent.ca, or by visiting our website. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a minute to reflect on a few highlights from our Q3 shows.

    Okanagan Capital Conference: July 13 – 15, 2017

    The onset of summer typically means a slowdown in market activity, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from the atmosphere at this year’s Okanagan Capital Conference. Held at the lakeside Delta Grand Okanagan Resort in downtown Kelowna, the show saw 36 issuers and a select group of small-cap investors mingle over a weekend of one-on-one meetings, golfing at the championship Tower Ridge golf club, wine-tasting in the Naramata Bench, and boating on Kelowna’s pristine Okanagan Lake.

    Developments since the day of meetings have proven fruitful: NetCents Technology Inc, which launched its new cryptocurrency shortly after attending the Okanagan show, has seen gains of (+180%*) since. I caught up with Netcents’ Rob Meister, who told me that a proactive approach is key when establishing investor interest: “When our main founder Clayton saw an opportunity to develop a network of banks and platforms for digital currencies in 2006, people didn’t really get it,” he says. “We did the Whistler Capital Conference two years ago, right before we went public. Now, investment banks and retail investors are much more accepting of what we’re doing. The conferences allow for that one-on-one question and answer opportunity with investors – it’s about building relationships and developing your branding in anticipation of changes in the market, so you can be a leader rather than a follower.”

    Shone Anstey, President & Co-Founder of Blockchain Intelligence Group, reflected on the importance of familiarizing investors with your company’s story early in the lead-up to listing publicly: “We were able to create a lot of early awareness about the company, and the Okanagan show was really the kick-off to our buzz,” he says. “We also had the chance to meet with the CSE, which was a real eye-opener as I’d never done a listing and it helped us understand what the process was and how it would impact us.”

    And although Blockchain was the buzzword of the Okanagan show, Resource companies were certainly not overlooked. Millennial Lithium Corp is up  (+80%) since the show, Centenera Mining Corp has gained (+44%) and Trilogy Metals Inc has seen gains of (+37%). Meanwhile in the Cannabis sector, Lexaria Bioscience Corp is up (+50%) since attending the Okanagan show, while Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc has gained (+26%).

    You can check each issuer’s performance since the Okanagan show by clicking on the Performance tracker below:


    Muskoka Capital Conference: Sept 29 – Oct 1, 2017

    The Muskoka Capital Conference is an intimate event that positions issuers from across Canada in front of a select group of East Coast financiers, giving companies direct exposure to the Bay Street crowd. A total of 37 issuers travelled to the beautiful JW Marriott The Rosseau Resort in Ontario’s upscale Muskoka lake district for a weekend of one-on-one meetings with quality small-cap investors – not to mention fishing on Lake Rosseau and a legendary round of golf at the award-winning The Rock Golf Course. Just over a month after the conference, LeoNovus Inc, a provider of Blockchain hardened data storage and security software, has seen gains of (+209%) since their day of meetings on Sept 30th.

    Northern Graphite Corp, which is well positioned to benefit from an increasing demand for Graphite, has seen gains of (+100%) since appearing at the Muskoka conference. CEO Greg Bowes tells me his strategy is to always be thinking ahead: “Generally I find investors don’t really ‘get’ Graphite,” he says. “It’s a little more complex than gold and other metals – the valuations are all over the place. The reason for doing these conferences is that when Graphite starts to get more cachet in the market, the investors we met with at the conference will already be aware of our story.”

    Patrick Whibley at Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp, which has gone public since attending our Muskoka show (CSE: BOLT), told me he shares a similar strategy: “We went to the Okanagan show to get our story perfected and to get our CEO comfortable sharing that story before listing,” he says. “The reason we attended the Muskoka show was because we didn’t recognize the names of the investors attending – it was important to us to get onto their radar early on, because if we need financing down the road we can circle back to them.”

    BetterU Education Corp, which is currently halted pending an announcement from management, was also with us in Muskoka – their third Capital Event Conference since attending our Bahamas show in 2017. President and CEO Brad Loiselle reflected on what he’s learned from attending multiple shows: “We have secured several million dollars as a direct result of the relationships we have developed at Capital Events,” he says. “It didn’t happen on the first event, but by the third event, it did. Investors want to see you again and again to make sure you are the real deal. Capital Event conferences are the real deal. Their investors are the real deal.”

    Check out how the rest of our Muskoka issuers performed via our Performance Tracker:


    All in all, it’s been an exciting Q3. Both of our Q3 conferences had a record number of private and pre-IPO companies in attendance: investors had the chance to speak directly with management from Blockchain Intelligence Group, Compass Cannabis Clinic, Golden Ridge Resources Ltd, Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp, Permex Petroleum Corp, CannaPay Financial Inc, Emmetros Ltd, Idaho Champion Resources, Phivida Holdings Inc, Venzee Inc, and NextLeaf Solutions Ltd. You’ll no doubt want to keep an eye on these prospects as they complete their listings in the coming months – you can also learn more about them by checking out their interviews on our Media Gallery. And before I bid you farewell, a big thank-you goes out to all of our sponsors: AlphaNorth Asset Management, the Canadian Securities Exchange, Market One Media, O&M Partners, Financial Buzz Media, MNP and Manning Elliott LLP.

    Until next Quarter, many happy returns from all of us here at CEM.

    * All reported gains are subject to fluctuations after publication



  • Company Market

     2017  Q2 Review

    Connecting capital with opportunity

    By Caitlin Cheadle

    Here we are, two quarters down in 2017 and anticipating some great returns over the remainder of Q3. What’s happened since our last newsletter? For starters, we had two very successful conferences during Q2 – Scottsdale and Montreal. Those of you who came to our Okanagan show 3 weeks ago know what a great time was had by all – and how productive it was, especially considering July marks the start of the slower summer markets. This was the first time I attended one of these conferences and I can honestly say that the Okanagan show was a fantastic event from start to finish. I had the pleasure of interviewing the issuers on camera with Market One Media and there were some great stories – stay tuned, we’ll be releasing the clips soon. One of our founding partners Howard Fitch was interviewed by SmallCap Power at our Montreal show – watch him discuss the strengthening of the junior mining and cannabis sectors here.

    We’ve seen sizeable gains from some of our Q2 issuers, so I was eager to follow up with them to find out what they achieved at each conference. Investors will want to read on for updates on who they did – or didn’t – invest in. If you attended one of our shows and didn’t immediately add your top picks to your portfolio, you can monitor each company’s progress on our website with our performance tracker.

    Scottsdale Capital Conference

    April 21 – 23, 2017

    The Scottsdale conference is always a big hit with our network of American investors, who travelled from near and far to the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa to check out a promising lineup of Canadian small-caps. Since attending our Scottsdale conference, Trilogy Metals Inc Inc has gained an impressive 32.65% as of market close July 31st. “Our stock is up quite a bit since Scottsdale and we had a couple of large buyers coming out of the US,” said Trilogy’s CFO Elaine Sanders. ”After the conference we also had quite a good meeting with one of the banks in the US.” Her advice to other issuers? “The dinner after the meetings is a great way to re-cap everything – it’s all about following up. There were some investors we met at the Whistler conference and followed up with in Scottsdale. Sometimes it takes them a while to make a decision and they want to meet you a few times. We are running a lean ship here – we don’t have an IR team, so this is a very efficient way to meet investors.”

    Excelsior Mining Corp is currently up 30.5% since attending this show. I spoke with Excelsior’s JJ Jennex who told me, “Scottsdale has been very good for us. We got several shareholders out of it. This whole business is about meeting people – about investor relations. Being in one place, meeting with quality people, building relationships, is what it’s all about.”

    Siyata Mobile Inc, a long-time attendee of our shows and a standout performer over Q2, has seen strong gains since attending the Scottsdale show, standing at + 29% as of market close July 31st. Siyata’s Arlen Hansen told me that persistence pays off: “It helps to have 18 meetings with 18 investors in one day, for sure. It’s important to see existing shareholders, to update them on your story and developments, and to see the new guys. But what really matters is following up. That first meeting is important, but the follow-up is just as important.”


    Montreal F1 Capital Conference

    June 9 – 11, 2017

    Taking place over the Formula One Grand Prix weekend at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Montreal, investors and issuers attending this conference followed up their day of one-on-one meetings with a private dinner at French bistro Decca 77, before taking in the F1 the following day. I’ll start with one of our private exhibitors, organic cannabis producer The Green Organic Dutchman. TGOD’s Danny Brody spoke with me about his experience in Montreal as a pre-IPO company. “We already have a lot of contacts in Vancouver and Calgary – this show was really helpful for meeting new faces we hadn’t talked to before. We had about 2,400 shareholders already and this conference was really helpful for getting retail brokers to know and understand our story as a private company. This event helped get us closer to our goal of 4,000 retail shareholders by the time we go public at the end of this year. I got so much more than just my 21 meetings. I walked away from the conference with about 73 leads I plan on following up with in the lead-up to our IPO.”

    Tim McCutcheon, President of Wealth Minerals, echoed Danny’s sentiments when he explained to me the reason he signed up for the Montreal conference: “Out here on the West Coast, Vancouver is great for that $1m – $3m equity raise for companies with a sub-$50 million market cap, but once you do that and you get off the ground, you can outgrow this city very quickly. The real money is in the East coast, and in Canada that means Toronto and Montreal. Being in Montreal, you get a different set of eyeballs. We got to see people we wouldn’t normally get to see.”

    One of our more unique exhibitors at the Montreal conference was Peekaboo Beans, a direct-sales children’s clothing manufacturer and retailer. Peekaboo’s Terri Anne Welyki also highlighted the importance of the follow-up when she discussed the financing they closed after the Montreal show: “The conferences in both the Bahamas and Montreal led to successful financings. We are now poised for profitability and that’s because of the massive increase in our margins. These investors get deal flow after deal flow crossing their desk daily. If you’re not chasing them and reminding them of who you are, you won’t raise the money. If you want to grow the business, if you want your stock to sell, you have to follow up.”


    So there you have it folks: getting those meetings is vital, but following up is what leads to deals being closed. One thing I noticed at the Okanagan Capital Conference is that these events are really a meeting of like-minded people who live and breathe the unique small-cap space. Aside from the one-on-one meetings, there are often many personal investments made by both investors and company execs as a result of connections made at these shows. As they say, it’s all about who you know.

    Until next Quarter, many happy returns from all of us here at CEM.

  • Company Market

     2017  Q1 Review

    Connecting capital with opportunity

    By Caitlin Cheadle

    Wow, 2017 is flying by – and what a year it’s been so far. While the junior markets have cooled a little in recent months, as we all know it’s times like these that are ideal for seeking out new opportunities. So without further ado here is our Q1 In Review newsletter.

    As you may know, here at CEM we hold two conferences over Q1: the AlphaNorth Capital Conference, our annual non-resource show that takes place in the Bahamas every January, and the Whistler Capital Conference, held every February at the world-renowned Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. Both events were a huge success this year, and we are still getting positive feedback on the beneficial relationships that were forged at each show – you can read the testimonials here. Whether you attended one of our Q1 shows as an issuer or an investor, it is so important to follow up on the meetings you had. Read on to educate yourself on how our attending issuers are performing.

    AlphaNorth Capital Conference

    The AlphaNorth Capital Conference was a great success this year. As always, a big thank-you goes out to Steve Palmer of AlphaNorth Asset Management, without whom this event would not be possible, as well as our sponsors MNP LLP and Financial Buzz Media. This year we had an outstanding turnout: a total of 46 investors and 46 issuers travelled from all over the world to attend. First up we’d like to congratulate the team at BetterU, who successfully raised $1.7million at the show, allowing them to go through with their planned RTO. BetterU listed on the TSXV on March 8, 2017 and shares had gained 94% as of market close May 9th, outperforming the S&P TSX by 570% during the last year. Pyrogenesis Canada Inc also exceeded expectations – as of May 9th it was up 192%, with no roll-backs to date. Another highlight from AlphaNorth is Theralase, which has seen shares gain 41% since presenting at our Bahamas show on January 20th.


    Whistler Capital Conference

    Next up on our Q1 roster is the Whistler Capital Conference, sponsored by the Canadian Securities Exchange, Manning Elliott LLP, and the Yukon Mining Alliance. Held at the gorgeous Fairmont Chateau Whistler, this year we had 36 issuers and 36 investors joining us from across Canada and the US for a weekend of fresh powder and fresh opportunities. We’ll start with Drone Delivery Canada. After appearing at our show on February 10th, Drone Delivery’s shares are up an impressive 41%. Another one to watch is Trilogy Metals Inc, which has seen gains of 33% since presenting at our show.


    Here at CEM headquarters the team has just returned from our 7th annual Scottsdale Capital Conference – we’ll be updating you on the results from that show in our Q2 Newsletter. For anyone who’s interested in attending our upcoming conferences in Montreal, the Okanagan, or Muskoka, check out our website or feel free to get in touch with us directly.

    Until next Quarter, many happy returns from all of us at CEM.