CEM Advisory is the latest addition to our suite of services.

Having been in the business of connecting public issuers to investors since 2011, we’ve seen a growing need to support CEO’s in optimizing their communication skills.

We’ve seen thousands of pitches and have identified a set of costly mistakes that CEO’s often make and have created CEM Advisory to address and resolve these issues. We’ve brought together some of the latest discoveries in brain science and behavioural economics to create our first offering, the “Art of Investor Engagement” (AIE). It’s a structured, hands-on Coaching Program designed to not just eliminate the biggest communication mistakes CEO’s make but more importantly to support them in positioning their company for maximum investor appeal.

Patrick Finucane

Managing Director
CEM Advisory


Over the past 25 + years Patrick has worked with numerous CEOs and senior leaders, to grow their businesses and attract investors. He combines his decades of practical hands-on experience with years of study in the areas of strategy, performance management, behavioural economics, and communication methodologies to positively impact business outcomes.



Working with Patrick Finucane of CEM Advisory has been a game-changer for me. He helped my clarify "the vision" and "the plan", both corporate and personal. That clarity helps me operate at a much higher level and communicate with investors in a way that resonates with them. The impact Patrick continues to have on me and the way I conduct business cannot be overstated. I highly recommend CEM Advisory to anyone seeking to unlock their potential and achieve outstanding results.

Principal, Discovery Group

The CEM, events, investor network and stellar advisory team have been instrumental in the VERSES AI success, helping us to hone our message, test our pitch and attract new investors. I can’t recommend CEMs advisory services, and events enough, especially for early stage companies seeking world class direction from industry leaders with the unique knowledge and expertise to assist companies in distilling their story into a tailor made pitch ideal for todays discerning retail investor.


Patrick's guidance on streamlining my message and making it actionable was truly excellent.

CEO, First Phosphate

CEM Advisory has helped us refine our marketing material and messaging, leading to a way more effective pitch to investors. With the assistance of CEM Advisory, the daunting task of maintaining investor presentations and website up to date with relevant information becomes seamless.

Prismo Metals