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Our partners’ fund, CEM Capital, invests alongside our community of investors.  


Build Relationships

Our live events bring together our exclusive network of key investors and growth-stage companies to develop lifelong professional relationships.


Keep you connected

Our virtual one-on-one meetings keep investors and issuers connected all year round. 

Our shows get your company results by connecting you with active investors from all over North America

CEM provides opportunities for small-cap investment advisors, portfolio managers, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals, to listen to your story and INVEST.

Investment professionals are often overwhelmed by companies seeking to raise capital or gain open-market support to increase liquidity. How can you stand out and effectively deliver your message and build relationships that can make a difference?

CEM provides unique opportunities to meet face-to-face and build relationships with key contacts within the investment community. Through our partners’ fund at CEM Capital and over 10 years of curating an exclusive investor database, this allows YOU to just show up. We have done the legwork.

Our three-pillared approach: 

Capital: our mandate is to seek investment opportunities and grow our capital so that we can align with our investment community with our events.

Events: our destination events link public and private issuers with top-tier investors through 1:1 meetings and networking at select venues across North America.

Virtual: these online meetings keep our issuers and investors connected throughout the year.

We curate valuable experiences through our pillars to build relationships and connect capital with opportunity.

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Managing Partner, Co-Founder, CIO

Neil Currie

Managing Partner, Co-Founder, CFO

Howard Fitch


Matt Fleming

Partner, Portfolio Manager

Ryan Iverson

Vice President

Tori Hacking

VP, Business Development

Lindsey Blake

Investor Relations Manager

Tim Robinson

Event Coordinator

Chantelle Sitholé

Issuer Relations

Marcus van der Made

Administrative Assistant

Rachael Fitch

Director of User Experience

Artiom Shostak

Digital Marketing Consultant

Zia Hirji


We have been working closely with the principals of Capital Event Management for a number of years now and have always been highly impressed on the number of high quality investor meetings that they have arranged, both at their live events and more recently during these challenging times with their Virtual One-on-One Meeting Series via Zoom.

We highly endorse and recommend Capital Event Management to our peers.

Vancouver, BC

Trilogy Metals Inc.

Capital Event provides top-tier interaction between quality, sophisticated investors and firms, and companies that provide unique opportunities for capital growth.

Vancouver, BC

Barrian Mining Corp.

We continue to attend the Capital Event conferences to not only build relationships with potential investors, but to build on existing relationships to foster our growth. These conferences have grown our shareholder base substantially over the years, and we continue to see the value they bring time and time again.

Montreal, QC

Siyata Mobile Inc.

Howard and his team at Capital Events have delivered tremendous value through their Virtual 1on1 Meeting package. After our calls, TAAL has experienced increased trading volume and continued follow up conversations with significant investors. Highly recommend this to any issuer.

Vancouver, BC

TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc.