Happy Holidays and Year End Review

December 23, 2020

Greetings CEM friends and Happy Holidays to all, we hope this finds you safe and well during these extraordinary times! 

Needless to say this year has been a challenge for many as we have all had to adjust to the new normal, severely curtailing our travel and live interactions that were the cornerstones of relationship building in the pre-COVID era. As we have all had to adjust to the new realities of working remotely and utilizing Zoom and other apps to connect virtually, we’ve come to appreciate what was taken for granted previously and look forward to the days where we can again meet face to face to build our businesses.

At CEM we have pivoted into the virtual arena, offering one on one Zoom calls between issuers and our vast network of investors active in small and micro-cap Canadian stocks. The next best thing to in person meeting, our virtual series offers the intimate one-on-one approach which allows for interaction and builds a base for ongoing dialogue and relationship building. Now we can tap into our investor network and create ongoing meetings beyond a once or twice a year live in person appearance. Our Virtual Meeting series is here to stay!

On the live event front, we successfully hosted 2 smaller scale, 50 gathering maximum events in September in BC and Ontario. Both conferences went very well with no issues and showed that smaller scale events conducted under strict health protocols could operate under the current COVID environment.

Going forward we have our 2021 schedule set and are optimistic we will be back to live events commencing with our annual Whistler Capital Conference Feb. 12-14 at the Chateau Whistler. As 2021 progresses and the vaccine rollout accelerates, we know we will be getting back to full field live events and continue to operate our virtual series, offering further opportunity to connect capital with opportunity!

Our partners fund, CEM Capital, has been extremely active in the markets as well as we continue to review new opportunities and assist companies in reaching a retail audience. Thankfully for all of us involved in the Canadian junior markets, 2020 has proven to be a positive gain year for many stocks as the small cap sector has gained significant ground since the initial and dramatic post-covid crash in mid-March.

Ryan Iverson, our Portfolio Manager and head of CEM Capital has been trading, monitoring, meeting, analyzing, and assessing opportunities across the board in all sectors. We will finish this off with some profiles of select companies we have been involved with this year, at live events, virtually, and in the markets, that have seen tremendous gains in 2020.

As we leave you to enjoy the holiday break with (immediate family members only!), please accept from all of us at CEM holiday wishes and all the best for 2021! 

Please see below group photo for 2020 issuer highlights. Note pic taken Dec 2019 and excludes Marcus van der Made 🙁

These issuers and CEM clients from across all sectors in the Canadian junior markets had breakthrough years with milestone developments, discoveries, and growth rewarding early investors many times over. 2021 will undoubtedly feature many more success stories in the small cap market!