Capital Event Reviews 2017

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Connecting capital with opportunity

2017 was a pivotal year in the Canadian small cap space, and we saw tremendous success all across the board, whether it was the new wave of Blockchain, the highly-anticipated MMJ space, or even resources like Cobalt, Lithium, Copper and Gold!  Everyone that came out to our Capital Events found significant value with our simple, yet highly affective relationship building platform.

So far 2018 has brought a healthy correction in the market, and we look forward to a continued upward trend based on the value 2017 brought investors.

We have seen tremendous success with our media partner Market One Media in the latter half of 2017. We feel our video interviews provide that extra touch in value to our events and we really encourage all who partake to share their videos with existing shareholders and new investors. (

Capital Event launched this letter this time last year and reviewed all quarters for our participants in 2017 to highlight some of the incredible companies that attend our events. We will continue to update you each quarter moving forward. CEM’s sole Q4 event in 2017 was the November Florida Capital Conference – held Oceanside at Eau Palm Beach in Manalapan, Florida. The show saw 36 issuers and a select group of small-cap US investors that mingle over a weekend of one-on-one meetings, golf, and more…

Florida Capital Conference: November 16 – 18, 2017

Patriot One Technologies (TSXV:PAT) saw voracious investor demand with the announcement of a $17.4 million bought deal that was increased to $22 million. This follows on the $11.5 million financing which closed in November, just prior to our conference. Not just investors notice this first-of-its-kind concealed weapons detection system, as the company also secured agreements with 13 large clients and distributors, with a backorder of 453 units committed for scheduled delivery in 2018.

Altiplano Minerals (TSXV:APN) has been busy since November, just look at their stock chart. Watch for results from the rest of their bulk sample program. They also earned leeway as they closed their acquisition of Orogrande Project after renegotiation that released APN from exploration obligations.

You can check each issuer’s performance since the Florida event by clicking on the Performance tracker below:

We take pride in producing 7 events each year. We would not be able to do it without the support of each issuer, finance attendee and of course sponsor. You know who you are and we would like to thank you all for contributing to our success here at CEM.

Should you care to look back at any of our quarterly updates, we have provided the links for you or you can simply go to our website.

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We are always looking to add new investors to our ever-growing platform. Please get in touch if you know of anyone on the investor side that we should be inviting – it is our mandate to continue to provide each client with new, quality meetings when they return to our events over the years.

Always remember to “Follow Up” and keep building on the relationships you have entered into over the years.

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