Quimbaya Gold Inc.

Market Cap: 7M
Purpose Financing

Sector: Resource
  • Quimbaya Gold is one of 10 junior mining companies and one of the most promising early-stage exploration companies in Colombia.
  • Quimbaya has acquired over 40,000 hectares of mining assets with significant potential for high-grade gold, silver and copper along with the possibility of discovering Colombia’s next world-class deposit.
  • The company’s three projects are all situated in Antioquia, considered the best mining district in Colombia. All three projects are surrounded by successful gold production operations, providing the company easy access to critical infrastructure.
  • Quimbaya has a good capital structure and tight float, with 56 percent of shares held by the company’s management and board of directors.
  • Quimbaya employs a local team with strong community ties and an understanding of the region and its geology, including how to navigate Colombia’s current political and environmental requirements.
  • Quimbaya offers great value compared to competitors, with a current market cap of roughly C$7 million.