Hemostemix Inc.

Market Cap: Private
Sector: Biotechnology
  • Groundbreaking stem cell therapy technology built upon 10 years of clinical research
  • Stem cells derived from the host are then further concentrated into Hemostemix patented product ACP-01 which has a multitude of applications
  • The application of this treatment can be as drastic as rejuvenating limbs from gangrene (CLI) and can heal degenerative heart diseases 
  • Quick treatment period, within 7 days of blood extraction the respective individual will be treated with Hemostemixs proprietary ACP-01 technology with tangible results coming promptly after
  • ACP-01, which is in Phase 2 clinical trials, has demonstrated high efficacy and has received recognition from the Chief of Cardiology at McGill University’s health center.
  • With an open Non-Brokered Private Placement Hemostemix looks to raise up to 10 million units at a price of $0.12. Additionally there will be one half of one common share purchase warrant priced at $0.25 with a hold period of 24 months