FRX Innovations Inc.

Market Cap: 29M
Purpose Raise Awareness, Open Market Buying

Sector: Materials
  • FRX is the revolutionizing the $62B flame retardant plastics market utilizing its patented green technology
  • With over US$125MM invested to date and strong regulatory tailwinds put in place in 2022 by the EU and US government, FRX is positioned for strong growth to become the global go-to producer of non-toxic and non-leaching flame retardant additives
  • FRX’s plant is built, its products are being adopted by some of the world’s largest chemical companies who in turn are selling their fire safe Nofia-based plastics to the world’s best-known brands.  Recent wins include textiles in furniture in Charles de Gaulle airport, plastic casing in Lithium-Ion batteries, plastic casing in medical devices in the US, foam in passenger compartment of top European luxury car brands, to name just a few.  As well many new projects are coming on stream in televisions, foam mattresses, bus bar coatings and wire and cable in electrical vehicles, etc.