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    As one of thousands of public issuers vying for investor attention it is important that you take steps and have a strategy to rise above the crowd and get your company noticed. Finance professionals and the investment community in general are bombarded daily by companies seeking to raise capital and/or garner after-market support to increase liquidity in their market. How can you stand out and effectively deliver your message to key contacts that can make a difference in your market?

    One tried and true strategy that has been around since the beginning of time and is the cornerstone of all successful enterprises is simple: build relationships! Get out there and meet face to face key contacts in the investment community that can impact your company. Investment advisors, portfolio managers, fund managers, high net worth investors – they are all out there and likely unaware of your business and company unless you make the effort to connect with them.

    This requires constant and ongoing effort, as relationships need to be first initialized then nurtured before bearing fruit. Relationships in business is your social capital, absolutely vital for you and your enterprises to grow. Each contact made and developed comes with their own network of relationships that can impact your business. Devoting time and energy to meeting, developing and maintaining relationships is vital to your ongoing success.

    At Capital Event Management, our belief is that your success will come with a constant effort to expand your base of capital market contacts. Our unique conference format is all about building relationships, as we introduce issuers and investors to one another over an intense weekend of networking and one on one meetings. After meeting and interacting with a few dozen qualified individuals, you will come away with the seeds of several new, meaningful relationships. Follow up and maintain contact and you will be continuing to be build your social capital, and by extension your business.

    Howard Fitch, Neil Currie, Matt Fleming and the Capital Event Team


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