Capital Event Reviews The First Half Of 2018

Connecting Capital With Opportunity

By Neil Currie, Capital Event Management

So far, 2018 has brought a significant correction to the Canadian small and micro-cap space. However, we at Capital Event are still seeing many exciting investment opportunities taking part in our conferences this year. In our first 5 events of 2018, Medical Marijuana has continued to be the industry that has garnered the most investment interest. For a long time, it seemed like the legalization of marijuana for recreational use was never going to happen in Canada, but our government has come through and we have seen some tremendous successes in this space across the board. This has given our investors many ground level opportunities to get involved in the space over the past few years attending our events. As for the other sectors: resource, tech, bio, etcetera, it is highly important that issuers continue to beat the drum in these competitive spaces and get in front of qualified investors. We at Capital Event continue to strive to bring out the best of the best of small and micro-cap investors to get our issuers the support they need.

Our event schedule is strongly weighted in the first half of each year: we started with the AlphaNorth Capital Conference in the Bahamas Jan 12-14, the Whistler Capital Conference Feb 9-11, the Scottsdale Capital Conference April 20-22, the Montreal F1 Capital Conference June 8-10, and most recently the Okanagan Capital Conference in Kelowna July 12-14. We have 2 events left on the schedule for 2018 and we are optimistic that along with these events, the market will generate more positive returns like we’ve seen in recent years. Look to join us in Muskoka September 28-30 at the stunning J.W. Marriott The Rosseau Resort and Spa and then Florida at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa November 15-17. Our events sell out in advance, so please ensure you have signed up if you wish to participate.

We would like to highlight some of the most successful % gains we have seen at the events this year.

  • Alpha North Capital Conference brought out iAnthus Capital Holdings CA:IAN performing +125% as well as Green Power Motor Company CA:GPV performing +118%
  • Whistler Capital Conference hosted Corvus Gold CA:KOR performing + 73% as well as Northern Empire Resources which was just purchased at a premium to market by Coeur Mining for 118MM CDN!!
  • At the Scottsdale Capital Conference, we hosted Trilogy Metals CA:TMQ who has seen a stunning +61% return since the event in March
  • Montreal Capital Conference being not much more than a month ago has already shown returns in Siyata Mobile CA:SIM +30% and American Lithium Corp +31%
  • The Okanagan Capital Conference hosted 36 issuers just a few weeks ago, and we are very excited to look back at the end of the year and highlight our top performers

You can follow each issuer’s performance after each CEM event thanks to our Performance Tracker:

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We have seen tremendous success with our media partner Market One Media Group. We feel our video interviews provide that extra touch in value to our events and we really encourage all who partake to share their videos with existing shareholders and new investors. Visit our video gallery to see for yourself:

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Our conferences are ultimately about building relationships. Establishing, creating and maintaining relationships in the investment industry specific to our small/microcap markets is critical in raising awareness and moving your company to the forefront of investor’s minds. Take a moment to check out our essay on the importance of relationship building in our business:

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It is our mission to continue bringing out high quality investors and issuers to each event we host. Capital Event Conferences have proven to bring out the who’s who in the small/microcap space and the only way we can continue to do that is with the help from our attendees. We have many incentive programs to make sure you truly know how much we appreciate a good investor and or issuer recommendation, please reach out to us at any time if you think you know someone that would be a good fit for these events.Congratulations to our recent survey draw winners from the recently transpired Okangan Capital Conference, Claude Lemasson from Eastmain Resources Inc. and Harrison Keenan from Echelon Wealth Partners, who have been awarded an extra night stay at the next conference of their choice!

Thanks again to our sponsors this year, Manning Elliott LLP, MNP LLP, Market One Media Group, Financial Buzz, O/M Partners LLP and of course the CSE.

Last but not least – always remember to “Follow Up” and keep building on the relationships you have entered into over the years – we look forward to hosting you again soon!

Best Regards

Neil Currie, Howard Fitch, Matt Fleming and the Capital Event Team